Annual Food Festival to Host Kale-Eating Competition

Michele Debczak
iStock / iStock

If your eyes need a cleanse after watching Joey Chestnut beat his own hot dog-eating record on the Fourth of July, consider heading to Buffalo, New York this weekend. At this year’s Taste of Buffalo food festival, competitive eaters will be indulging in another food item that’s gained cult status in America for very different reasons.

As the Associated Press reports, on Saturday, July 9, the "Kale Yeah!" eating competition will challenge participants to eat as much of the so-called superfood as they can stomach in eight minutes. The top competitor will be awarded the Kale Cup and $2000 in prize money.

The Taste of Buffalo runs this weekend, on July 9 and July 10. The kale-eating competition is part of an initiative to showcase the healthier options the annual event has to offer this year. Each stall is required to include at least one health-conscious item on its menu, but alongside the leafy greens, vendors will still be serving traditional festival fare like loaded tater tots and buffalo mac and cheese

[h/t AP]

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