Watch Bicyclists Race 18 Miles Down the Side of a Mountain


Megavalanche is not your average bike race. Eighteen miles down the side of a mountain in Alpe D’Huez, France, the race features thousands of feet of vertical descent and rough terrain that includes everything from massive boulders to glacial snow.

In the short video “Braving the World’s Longest Downhill Bike Race,” Great Big Story interviews champion racer Remy Absalon about his participation in Megavalanche. Absalon explains that the race is one of a kind, featuring breathtaking 360-degree vistas and terrifying drops. But even though he’s a regular participant and avid supporter of the Megavalanche race, he admits undertaking the dangerous course can be an intimidating experience. “It’s really crazy,” he explains. “I don’t know why I do that.”

Watch Great Big Story’s adrenaline-pumping footage of the race above.

Banner Image Credit: Great Big Story, YouTube

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