Take a Virtual Tour of LEGO's New Headquarters


There's no place like LEGO's home. The company worked with Danish architectural firm C.F. Møller to design a unique new office building that will become the hub of the company's home base in Billund, Denmark. Arch Daily recently shared the design plans for the project, which will cover about 560,000 square feet and pull double duty as offices for local employees and as a welcoming center for other employees and guests visiting the facility.

The video above provides a virtual tour of the project's design and includes glimpses at several of the building's unique features, spaces, and amenities. The environmentally friendly office building—based in the same town where LEGO founder Ole Kirk Christiansen first set up shop—will also incorporate the iconic yellow LEGO shade throughout the building.

Employees and visitors will have access to the building's public park on the campus, play areas, courtyards, lounge areas, informal and formal meeting spaces, a fitness center, a mini-golf course, and a few rooftop gardens.

"We want a distinct office building that clearly conveys the LEGO values, and which truly expresses the creative, innovative culture of our company," LEGO Group senior vice president Claus Flyger Pejstrup said in a press release. "I am very excited that we can now present our vision for this new building, both to our employees and to the community."

So far, the company hasn't announced an estimated completion date or the projected cost of the project.

[h/t Arch Daily]

Banner image credit: LEGO Group

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