Twin Baby Cheetahs Born in Swedish Zoo

Shaunacy Ferro
Borås Zoo via Facebook
Borås Zoo via Facebook / Borås Zoo via Facebook

A Swedish zoo welcomed two rare cheetah cubs to the world last month. Thomas and Toulouse, male twins, were born on June 20 at the Borås zoo, where their mother, Nova, is held, The Local reports. The zooborns—whose father lives at a French zoo—will make their first public appearance in the Borås cheetah enclosure in two months.

Cheetah populations have declined massively—30 percent over the last 18 years—due to habitat destruction, conflict with humans, and their popularity as illegal exotic pets, according to the African Wildlife Foundation. Once found throughout Africa and parts of Asia, there are now only an estimated 7500 or less left in the wild and less than 700 in captivity around the world. Breeding cheetahs in captivity is notoriously difficult, making the arrival of Thomas and Toulouse even more of an event to celebrate.

[h/t The Local]

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