Take Your Desk Decor to New Heights With a Balloon-Shaped Pin Cushion

Rebecca OConnell
Clive Roddy
Clive Roddy / Clive Roddy
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When you hear "pin cushion," you probably think about the classic tomato shape. Designer Clive Roddy decided to take the pin holder design in another direction with his latest product. The balloon house, priced at  £25 or about $32, features a tiny wooden house with a cork ball suspended above it with wire. When you push in the included 300 colorful pins, it transforms into a tiny cluster of balloons ready to carry away the house. It even has a hole on the back that allows you to hang it on a screw or nail. Take a look below.

And if you want more of Roddy's creations, check out his charming collection of coasters that fit together to make a cactus.

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