Book-Themed Clutches Complete Any Literary Outfit

Rebecca OConnell
Amazon / Amazon
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We'll admit it: We're big fans of wearing your literature-loving heart on your sleeve—or in your purse, as the case may be. We've previously covered an Etsy store that sells clutches that look just like literary classics, and were excited to recently come across a whole new set of affordable book-shaped purse options. Amazon company Knitting Factory creates lovely clutches that look like a variety of titles, like Moby Dick, Slow Travel, and A Tale of Two Cities. Each classic book cover is fitted over a rectangular purse to give the illusion that you're carrying around a book. The clutches have subtle gold-colored clasps and are lined with a thin black fabric. If you don't feel like holding it in your hand, it also comes with a chain for your shoulder.

You can check out the whole collection here. If books aren't your media of choice, you can also check out this cool VHS purse.

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