Ice Cream Truck Feud to Become a New Feature Film

Rudie Obias
Getty / Getty

A frozen face-off is coming to a theater near you, and this time it doesn't involve Elsa. Eater reports that New Line Cinema recently acquired the film rights to an article titled “The Cold War” about the bitter and icy rivalry between two ice cream truck vendors in Salem, Oregon.

In 2009, a turf war broke out between Keizer Ice Cream owner Dennis Roeper and upstart entrepreneur Efrain Escobar, who sold ice cream out of his van. Over several summers, the tense conflict escalated to include everything from strategic truck maneuvering to arson. About six years later in 2015, writers David Wolman and Julian Smith covered the battle for Epic Magazine. It was also later featured on WNYC’s Radiolab.

Now, American Sniper producer Andrew Lazar, producer Joshuah Bearman, and Epic Magazine’s Joshua Davis will recreate the story for the big screen.

[h/t Eater]

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