Brainteaser Gone Wild: Can You Spot the Badger Hidden Among These Zebras?


In a sea of zebras, can you spot the hidden badger?

Both animals have black-and-white stripes that serve unique purposes. Scientists think that badgers’ facial markings draw attention to their large jaws, helping them thwart potential predators. As for zebras, recent studies suggest that their stripes might help regulate body temperature, or keep biting flies at bay.

In short, the two mammals are incredibly different—but in BBC Earth’s new brainteaser above, spotted by IFLScience, it’s tough to locate the furry woodland creature amid a monochromatic blur of stripes and tails. Take a few minutes to find the badger—and if you need a little help, The Sun circled its location in red.

[h/t IFLScience]

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