A Frank Lloyd Wright Home Is Selling for Cheap in Chicago

Shaunacy Ferro

A house designed by iconic American architect Frank Lloyd Wright usually sells for millions of dollars, easy. But as Curbed Chicago reports, if you're looking for a home in Chicago, you can now scoop up a classic architectural landmark from the designer’s American System-Built Houses project for a whole lot less.

Between 1915 and 1917, Wright and developer Arthur L. Richards came up with a scheme to sell homes made with pre-cut wood in the same way a dealership sells a car. Unfortunately, World War I put a stop to the affordable housing project. 

For just $569,900 (a relative bargain for a Chicago landmark designed by the famous Illinois architect), you can get a renovated, pre-fabricated Prairie-style house in the neighborhood of Beverly—known as “a South Side oasis of integration,” with a plethora of tree-lined residential streets. While the paint job might leave something to be desired, it's a small price to pay for a slice of architectural history. 

[h/t Curbed Chicago]

All images: Estately

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