Clever UFO Soap Dispensers are Out of This World

Rebecca OConnell
Duncan Shotton
Duncan Shotton / Duncan Shotton

The very last thing any host wants is for their guests to enter the bathroom and judge them for their uninspired hand soap. While bars of soap come in many shapes, sizes, and scents (like this miniature rendition of Starry Night), there aren't a lot of liquid soap dispensers out there, save for the rhinestone-encrusted ones you might find at the dollar store. Luckily, you don't have to settle for dreary—or tacky—liquid hand soap. Designer Duncan Shotton and EntreX Inc have created the perfect addition to any otherwise unassuming bathroom or kitchen. The fun soap dispensers are made to resemble alien abductions. You can pick out a pig, human, or cow mid-abduction as they are pulled up by a colorful tractor beam. 

Each plastic pump comes with a silicon nozzle shaped like a UFO. The handwasher just needs to push down on the alien spacecraft to receive a pump of soap. The top is easily removed and reattached, allowing the owner to add any soap they desire, whether it's shampoo, hand soap, or detergent.

This isn't the first time someone thought to add liquid to a tractor beam-shaped bottle. The conceptual MOLOCOW milk bottle also uses the familiar shape.