Concept Art Reveals Big Plans for Disneyland's Star Wars Park

Disney / Lucasfilm
Disney / Lucasfilm / Disney / Lucasfilm

Last summer, Disneyland Parks announced the largest expansion project in its history: the creation of a 14-acre attraction called Star Wars Land. A few months later, existing attractions began to close as they broke ground at Disneyland Park in California and at Disney's Hollywood Studios in Florida. The company even shared teaser photos and a 360-degree image that included familiar elements from George Lucas' iconic universe. In the most recent update, spotted over at /Film, the Disney Parks blog has revealed concept art by an unnamed artist that sets the bar pretty high for what fans can expect when the construction projects are completed.

The digital rendering shows an X-Wing approaching a "never-before-seen planet in the Star Wars galaxy." In front of the ship are tall rock formations that stand around what Disney calls a "thriving port" with "seemingly familiar architecture of markets, landing zones and buildings." Previously released concept art showed the attraction mostly from ground level, but the new image puts the scope of the project in perspective.

A closer look at the full-sized image shows life moving around the park and the Millennium Falcon parked in the distance. The blog post reaffirmed that guests will be able to visit and "pilot" the ship, but many details about Star Wars Land are still being kept under wraps.

The opening dates for the attractions are also still a mystery, but this image is sure to ramp up the excitement among fans and casual theme park goers.

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Images via Disney/Lucasfilm.