Pop Culture Characters Before They've Had Their Morning Coffee

Kirstin Fawcett
Image courtesy of Sam Milham
Image courtesy of Sam Milham / Image courtesy of Sam Milham

If you’re always grumpy before your daily caffeine fix, you’ll relate to Samuel Milham’s paintings of pop culture characters ahead of their morning cup of joe, spotted by Bored Panda. You might remember Milham, an Australian illustrator, from his 2013 series depicting Super Mario characters as hipsters. In his latest project—aptly titled the "Caffeine Junkies Series"—Milham transforms TV and movie figures into hilariously bleary-eyed cartoon characters, mugs in hand. They, like the rest of us, look a little worse for wear pre-coffee. 

Check out a sampling of Milham’s java addicts below, and visit his Instagram or Facebook page to view more of his work. 

Yoda From Star Wars Before Coffee

Little Green Man from Toy Story Before Coffee

Po from Teletubbies Before Coffee

Mr. Potato Head Before Coffee

Pikachu From Pokémon Before Coffee

Filburt From Rocko's Modern Life Before Coffee

BB-8 From Star Wars Before Coffee

Bart Simpson From The Simpsons Before Coffee

Gonzo From The Muppets Before Coffee

Jake From Adventure Time Before Coffee

Papa Smurf From The Smurfs Before Coffee

[h/t Bored Panda]