90 Dolphins, Porpoises, and Whales Drawn to Scale

Shaunacy Ferro

Get ready to have a whale of a time decorating your walls. This poster-sized infographic from Pop Chart Lab explores 90 cetaceans—that is, whales, dolphins, and porpoises—hidden under the deep blue sea. You might not recognize some of these marine mammals, like Australia’s Burrunan dolphin, first named as a unique species in 2011, while others are familiar sights, like the beluga whale or the humpback.

The $37 infographic is illustrated to scale, so it’s easy to see just how much the blue whale dwarfs its relatives. The post is also organized into families, putting the killer whale closer to its dolphin relatives than other animals that share the whale moniker.

While you can’t necessarily see orcas at Sea World anymore, since the parks agreed this year under pressure from animal rights groups to stop breeding the animals, at least you can admire them in illustrated form.

All images courtesy Pop Chart Lab

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