A New Company Wants to Make Sure You Never Worry About Losing a Sock in the Laundry Again

Shaunacy Ferro

Losing one sock in a pair is a regular hazard of doing laundry. One survey in the UK found that people lose an average of 1.3 socks per month, amounting to more than 15 each year. While many take those losses in stride and transition the sock left behind into mismatched looks, for others, one missing sock means they'll probably never wear its counterpart again. Flyte Socks wants to save people from that heartbreak. It sells its socks in sets of three, rather than in pairs. 

The Toronto-based company makes unisex bamboo fiber dress socks in an assortment of brightly colored patterns, all sold in trios. If you lose one, you’ll always have a backup. Or you could simply buy two sets of the same pattern, and you’d have six socks.

However you plan to wear them, you can purchase a trio of Flyte socks for $16 on Kickstarter.

All images courtesy Flyte Socks

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