Celebrate Your Birthplace With One of These State-Shaped Mirrors

Rebecca OConnell
Etsy / Etsy
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If you know someone with a lot of regional pride, consider gifting them one of these uniquely shaped mirrors. Etsy store fluxglass sells a variety of cool reflective shapes, including a series cut in the likeness of 26 different states (plus Australia). Each item is made to order and handcrafted with lead and hand-cut glass. The store's owner, Dennis Smith, includes a strong wire attached to the back for hanging and showing off your state of choice. Because each mirror is homespun, they all vary slightly, making your purchase all the more original. 

Aside from states, Smith also has mirrors shaped like animals, banners, coffee mugs, and more. While the shapes might make it a little difficult to really check yourself out, they definitely help brighten up the room. You can see the full collection here

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