The Best Movie Theaters, According to Filmmakers


If you’re a cinephile, there’s a good chance you have a favorite movie theater. Whether it’s a massive multiplex or a cramped indie theater, you’ve got a spot where you go to discover your next favorite flick. And so do Hollywood’s most famous filmmakers.

In a recent video, Academy Originals asked a group of actors, directors, producers, and other industry professionals to share their favorite movie theater. Steven Spielberg, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Sarah Silverman, Seth Rogen, and more weighed in. With a few exceptions, most of them listed theaters in New York or Los Angeles (though San Francisco’s Castro Theatre also got repeat mentions). A few favorites included New York City’s Film Forum, the Paris Theater, and the now-defunct Ziegfeld, as well as Los Angeles’s Cinerama Dome, ArcLight, and Cinefamily at the Silent Movie Theatre.

If you’ve ever wondered where your favorite filmmakers go to watch movies, check out the video above.

Banner Image Credit: Academy Originals, YouTube