Robotic Moving Furniture Turns Compact Living Spaces Into Multiple Rooms

Rudie Obias

Living in a small apartment can be cramped and hard to navigate when you don’t have a lot of space to work with. Enter Ori, a new furniture company that uses specialized robotics to turn small living quarters into something more manageable. The creators hope to make a 350-square-foot living space feel like one that’s two or three times as big, Hypebeast reports.

Designer Hasier Larrea founded Ori (a name derived from “origami”) to create well designed furniture that can easily transform small spaces into efficient homes and offices. The resulting collection includes a pop-out desk, a closet, and a trundle bed—all packaged as one multi-purpose furniture unit. With just a push of a button, the entire unit slides across the apartment to free up some space for sleeping, working, cooking, or entertaining. Ori uses MIT Media Lab's CityHome technology and concept for the unit’s modular robotics, while Swiss designer Yves Béhar created its dynamic and stylish look and feel.

Take a look below.

The Ori System won't be up for sale until 2017, but you can join the company's mailing list for updates on pricing and availability.

[h/t Hypebeast]

Images courtesy of Ori.

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