Popeye the Rescue Dog Is Instagram’s Newest Foodie Celebrity

Michele Debczak

A cute dog paired with mouthwatering food porn is an automatic formula for Instagram success. It should come as no surprise then that Popeye the Foodie Dog’s follower count shatters that of most human foodies using the photo sharing app.

This four-legged social media star, spotted by Elite Daily, is a rescue dog who lives in the Los Angeles area. The pooch goes wherever his parents go: brunch spots, burger joints, and sushi restaurants are just of a few of the places he has visited so far.

From food and fashion pairings to crazy coffee art, there’s no shortage of food porn on Instagram. But thanks to the adorable backdrop of each of his photos, Popeye's account will be hard to top. You can check out some of the pup’s most delectable posts below.

[h/t Elite Daily]

All images courtesy of popeyethefoodie via Instagram.

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