Musical Pavement ‘Sings’ As Shadows Pass Over It

Michele Debczak

People can find “singing highways” all across the globe, but this public space in Arizona works a little differently. As Fast Co. Design reports, the Mesa Musical Shadows project invites passersby to conduct symphonies with their dancing shadows.

The square of pavement in Mesa Arts Center has been embedded with speakers and sensors that detect light. When a shadow passes over the sensor, or when it’s covered by something else, a note plays through the speakers. As multiple people choreograph their shadows to dance at the same time, a symphony can be heard rising from the ground.

The project is the work of Daily Tous Les Jours, the Montreal-based studio behind Swings: An Exercise in Musical Cooperation, a project we covered back in April. To listen to their latest harmonic creation, you can watch the video above.

[h/t Fast Co. Design]

All images courtesy of Vimeo.

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