Domino's Introduces a Burger-Pizza Hybrid in India

Andrew LaSane
Domino's India
Domino's India / Domino's India

If you've ever stood at a mealtime crossroads and agonized over whether to eat a juicy burger or an oven-fresh slice, it's safe to say you've experienced true heartache. Good news: Those days are over. According to Eater, Domino's India recently introduced the Burger Pizza, which is basically a pizza in the size and shape of a burger.

The mashup isn't really all that different from folding a piece of pizza prior to consumption (which is common practice for some New Yorkers), but the marriage of these iconic foods will undoubtedly rub some purists the wrong way. According to the Domino's Pizza India Facebook page, the Burger Pizza is available at locations across the country and the price starts at 89 rupees before tax (about $1.30 USD). People have been sharing their experiences with—and excitement for—the new menu item on Instagram, but so far there is no mention of it hitting Domino's restaurants in other countries. So if you don't live in India, but want that sandwiched pizza experience, just keep folding.

[h/t Eater]

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