Create Your Own Kaleidoscopic Screensavers For Apple TV


Apply TV app Miraj is basically a kaleidoscope for the modern age. No more beads and glitter in a handheld cynlinder—the children (and adults) of the future can make kaleidoscopes of anything they want.

With the Cinder open source graphics library at its finger tips, Minaj is able to pull up designs of anything from tree frogs to watermelons. The user only needs to speak into the Apple TV remote and their wish is Minaj's command. 

"We wrote custom software that collects images, analyzes their colors, and intelligently cuts them up into pieces. The software then layers, animates, and effects these pieces into an animated fountain of texture and color," the app's creators, SoSo Limited explain on their website. 

This fun animation tool is perfect for get togethers, pizza parties, and chilling out on the couch. Thanks to its extreme customizability, your TV can match any themed party you throw.

[h/t Co.Design]