Snack on Smurf-Inspired Desserts at a Mall in Hong Kong

Andrew LaSane
HK Harbour City on Facebook
HK Harbour City on Facebook / HK Harbour City on Facebook

Customers at the Harbour City Mall in Hong Kong are feeling blue—and they're happy about it. The We're All Smurfs exhibition opened at the shopping center on July 13, Mashable reports. And along with sculptures, a large Smurf Village installation, and a gallery of original artwork from Smurf creator Peyo, the exhibition is offering up themed treats created expressly for the event by local restaurants in the mall.

The Smurfs are known for their blue skin and white clothes, so naturally the desserts also feature the iconic color scheme. Visitors can take in treats like Smurf cookies from a shop called Homie Cookies with blue chocolate candies and marshmallow pieces baked in. Also on the menu: piles of blue pudding with foamy white hats on top, cupcakes with blue frosting, blue cakes, and other food items befitting the Smurf theme.

The exhibition continues through August 21, so if you're curious what a Smurf cake or macaroon tastes like, you have just over a month to make your way to China.

[h/t Mashable]

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