Every Star Wars Fan Needs This Sarlacc Pit Coffee Table

Rudie Obias
Tom Spina Designs
Tom Spina Designs / Tom Spina Designs

If you’ve ever thought that the one thing missing from your living room is your very own Sarlacc Pit, Tom Spina Designs has you covered: The custom sculpture and furniture company created a very detailed and gruesome coffee table featuring the Sarlacc Pit from Return of the Jedi as its base for one of the company’s clients. It even features a Mythosaur skull emblem on its side and a barely alive Boba Fett, desperately trying to crawl out, as its centerpiece.

Artist Patrick Louie sketched the design for the coffee table, while Richard Riley sculpted it from EPS foam and epoxy. The coffee table, which is about 44 inches in diameter and 20 inches tall, is also surrounded with fake sand and rock, with long teeth plus a single tentacle to prop up the glass-top table. It’s not the company’s first foray into creating furniture for a galaxy far, far away; in the past, they’ve built Millennium Falcon Asteroid Chase and Wampa Cave with Lightsaber coffee tables.

[h/t io9]