Shower Behind a Curtain of Sea Monsters From Renaissance Maps

Shaunacy Ferro

In Medieval and Renaissance Europe, the unexplored regions of the world were pictured as monster-infested waters on maps. Today, there aren't a lot of regions of the world that remain a mystery—and we don’t get a lot of illustrations of mythical marine beasts on our maps. But you can still shower with them. 

This Renaissance maps–inspired shower curtain by graphic designer Don Moyer is full of sea monsters. The black-and-white design features angry narwhals, toothy fish, serpentine dragons, and more creatures swimming through turbulent seas. You’ll never have to shower alone again—though you may also develop a sudden fear of the ocean.

Grab one over on Kickstarter. It’s not a bad way to celebrate #MapMonsterMonday.

All images courtesy Don Moyer

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