The Most Searched for Pokémon in Each State

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If you've been trying to catch 'em all on the Pokemon Go, you've probably been frustrated with seeing the exact same Pokemon appear on the map day after day. In hopes of finding the more elusive characters, some players are turning to the Internet for location hints, and according to Google search data, not everyone is coveting the same catches.

Inverse shared a map created by the website Decluttr that shows which Pokemon is searched for the most in each of the 50 states. According to the data, a common thread across the country is that players really want to find the rarest of the rare, including Mew, Mewtwo, Charizard, Electabuzz, Dragonite, Lapras, and Gyarados.

On the other hand, Hawaii, Delaware, Arizona, and a few others want to catch a Pikachu, which is the most iconic of the bunch and the face of the franchise. Ditto and Eevee run the map with multiple states on their trail and, maybe unsurprisingly, no state seems to be eager to find Mr. Mime or Jynx.

[h/t Inverse]

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