Introducing a Portable, Wood-Burning Hot Tub

Michele Debczak
Weltevree / Weltevree

If anything can improve upon the experience of lounging in a hot tub on a cool night, it’s an open fire. This luxurious tub highlighted by design milk combines the two, using a suspended fire basket to keep its water toasty and inviting.

Because the Weltevree Dutchtub is fueled by fire instead of electricity, it’s easy to transport to wherever the party is. Photos from Weltevree show the 165-pound tub strapped to the top of a car and even being towed behind a bike.

Once the perfect location has been selected, all you need to do is build the fire, stock the cup-holder with your cold drink of choice, and climb in. The tub has been available for a while in its classic orange shade, and now it comes in four new colors: pebble grey, olive green, pigeon blue, and terra red [PDF].

The Dutchtub is now available to order for around $5754 from Weltevree.

[h/t design milk]

All images courtesy of Weltevree.