Gender-Equal Emojis Are Here

Kirstin Fawcett
Google / Google

Until recently, emoji users were provided with an underwhelming assortment of tiny digital pictures depicting women at work. A few stereotypical career professions—like female Information Desk worker—were available, but most gender-specific images included choices like a princess, a bride, and a woman getting her hair cut. 

This changed last week, on Thursday, July 14, when Google’s official blog announced that the Unicode Emoji Subcommittee had agreed to add 11 new professional emojis in both male and female options. They range from rock stars and teachers to scientists and chefs, and are meant to “highlight the diversity of women's careers” and “empower young girls,” Google writes.

Furthering Google's quest for digital equality, the new professional emojis are available in a variety of skin tones. And 33 already-existing images—like a runner, a detective, a weight lifter, and the aforementioned woman getting a new ‘do—will now be available in both sexes. (Men need haircuts too, right?)

Google is hoping to standardize the new, gender-equal emojis by the end of 2016. Check them out below: 

All images courtesy of Google.