Samsung’s New TV Stands on Its Own

Shaunacy Ferro
Samsung / Samsung

The television is a fixture in most American homes, but it sure isn’t designed like it. Unless you’re wall-mounting your new home investment, you also have to buy furniture to display it properly. You can pay thousands for a TV that showcases ultra-high resolution, but you can’t really buy a television that looks nice when it’s turned off.

Fortunately, Samsung’s latest television is designed to stand on its own, no other purchases necessary, as WIRED reports. The Serif—the company’s $1500, 40-inch TV—is coming to the American market in August.

Designed by Paris-based duo Ronan and Erwan Bouroullec, the 4K television can be set on a stand, but it also comes with its own legs. Seen from the side, it’s designed to look like a capital “I” (hence the typography-inspired name) and is a throwback to the notion of television as furniture. It's an idea that was a lot more apparent in the early days of the technology, when a TV was big enough to take up an entire corner of a room on its own. But today, no one puts their flatscreen on the floor, so more TVs might as well come with legs.

[h/t WIRED]

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