Watch the World's Largest Bronze Bell Maker Casts Its Bells


Founded in 1872, the Royal Eijsbouts bell foundry in Asten, Netherlands is the world’s largest maker of bronze bells—and, arguably, one of its most famous. Over the years, Royal Eijsbouts has cast a bell for Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris, created the world’s largest tuned bell for the London 2012 Olympics, and sold its wares to countless churches, museums, and colleges around the world.

Posted by The Kid Should See This, the above video by Discovery’s How Do They Do It shows us, step-by-step, how Royal Eijsbouts' employees create the melodious metal products. First, they create two molds—one for the bell’s inside, another for the outside—from sand, resin, wax, and other materials. Then, they fit the two molds together and pour molten bronze into the hollow space between. Once the bell cools, its notes are tweaked by a master tuner. Watch the painstaking process in full above.

[h/t The Kids Should See This]

Banner image courtesy of iStock.

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