Beat the Heat This Summer With a Sweet and Savory Meat Popsicle

Anna Green
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Finally, there’s a cool summer dessert for carnivores. Mashable reports that Springbone Kitchen in New York City is now serving up refreshing icy popsicles made with beef bone broth. They're designed to be a sweet treat with just a hint of beef flavor.

According to Springbone founder Jordan Feldman, the beef bone popsicles are as much about health as flavor: Springbone is known for serving up an array of steaming hot bone broths, which it touts as possessing a range of health benefits. The beef bone broth popsicle is designed to allow broth aficionados to get their fix, even when summer temperatures make soup a bit unappealing.

The popsicles cost $4 each and are made with raspberry puree, maple sugar, coconut milk, pomegranate juice, and one-third of a cup of beef bone broth. Feldman told The New York Post that the beefy flavor isn’t overpowering. “It’s there, but it’s totally overwhelmed by the other flavors,” he said. “It’s a little bit sweet.”

[h/t Mashable]

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