The New Menu at This London Restaurant Is Written in Emojis


Love them or hate them, emojis are officially part of the cultural lexicon. Now, one restaurant in London’s Notting Hill neighborhood is inviting customers to use the playful pictographs to order their meals, Food & Wine reports.

On Wednesdays and Thursdays this summer, visitors to The Little Yellow Door restaurant will be offered a dinner menu that features a list of emoji combinations in place of words. Once diners decode what puzzles like “baguette + cow + mushroom + nut + rocket ship” mean, they’ll be able to place their orders by texting the emojis to the kitchen through WhatsApp.

The unconventional menu format fits in well with the rest of the restaurant's offbeat vibe. As The Little Yellow Door explains on its website, “To celebrate the comings and goings of our flatmates, we feature their nationalities as the key inspiration for our revolving food menus.” Their current resident hails from the smartphone-addicted U.S., which seems like an appropriate fit for their new menu.

The restaurant's owner admits that some of the codes are a bit tricky to figure out, but according to him that’s what makes it fun. He also told the Evening Standard that guests who are truly stumped can always ask their server for the answer. Considering how some emojis can look different to different sets of eyes, that sounds like the wisest course of action.

[h/t Food & Wine]

All images courtesy of The Little Yellow Door/Instagram.

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