Powering Up a 20,000-Watt Light Bulb

Chris Higgins
YouTube // Photonicinduction
YouTube // Photonicinduction / YouTube // Photonicinduction

Behold, the light bulb to end all light bulbs. Half a meter long, sporting eight garage door springs as filaments, and burning at 20,000 watts, this thing can literally light up the neighborhood.

In a demo video, YouTuber "Photonic Induction" shows us what happens when you crank up a massive light bulb. This thing exists to illuminate things like outdoor movie sets, but P.I. lights it up inside a small room ("It's like having a bonfire in the middle of the room!")...then takes it outside and lights up the yard.

If you're just here for the craziness, zip ahead to 8:30. Shortly after that point the engineer exclaims, "Ten kilowatts. That's ten electric fires I can feel with my face!" By the twelve kilowatt point, the camera is overloaded and the screen is white.

Just to be clear, do not try this at home. This is why we have YouTube. Having said that, if you're a film lighting pro, you can buy your own bulb for just $2,613.75.

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