Classy Curse Swag Lets You Express Frustration With Style

Don Moyer/Kickstarter
Don Moyer/Kickstarter / Don Moyer/Kickstarter

Even the most decent members of civilized society are capable of cursing like sailors. There’s nothing wrong with expressing your frustration every once in a while, but looking classy while spewing obscenities can be tough to pull off. The Classy Curse Kit, now up on Kickstarter, was made to take care of that problem for you.

Most items in the kit feature a censored “euphemism graphic” in a distinguished, red-and-gray design. At home or at work, the 12-ounce mug is the perfect way to express your vulgar inner monologue before you’ve finished your first cup of coffee. The kit also comes with window decals for conveying your feelings with refinement to the neighbors, and note cards and envelopes for sending classy messages to friends.

If the explicit piece of typography isn’t enough to get your point across, the kit includes Banner-Hulk cards for extra clarity. Just indicate how upset you are on a scale of one (irked) to seven (volcanic) and list your reason in the space provided below.

If the project reaches its $15,000 goal by August 15, the Classy Curse Kits are set to be shipped out by December of this year. Between now and then, you can help make the world a classier place by reserving a kit with a pledge of $48.

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Images courtesy of Don Moyer/Kickstarter.

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