Bookworm Transforms Her Staircase Into a Literary Work of Art


Pippa Branham’s home in the UK has one feature that would make any book lover jealous. Instead of spending money to carpet the staircase, she broke out her paint set and transformed each step to resemble the spines of her favorite books, Mashable reports.

Her husband, Jon, recently shared the story behind his wife’s art project on Reddit, writing:

“My wife decided to decorate our stairs with all our favorite books, inspired by a post she saw on Pinterest (personally I think my wife's are way better than the inspiration) ... I think this looks 100x better than any carpet.”

A few of the titles featured on their literary staircase include Moby Dick, Wuthering Heights, and The Hobbit. "I used a ton of masking tape and painted the treads black with gloss and added a small amount of sand to the mix to make a grip," Pippa told Mashable of how she created the larger-than-life books.

You can see more photos of her process and the final product on Branham's Facebook page.

[h/t Mashable]

All images courtesy of Pippa Branham via Facebook.