How the Margaret Herrick Library Preserves Film History

Anna Green

The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences’s Margaret Herrick Library in Los Angeles is a cinephile’s dream. Founded in 1928, the library is among the largest and oldest film libraries in the world. Full of film histories, fan magazines, movie posters, and the written correspondences of filmmakers, its inventory encompasses every imaginable kind of writing about film.

In the short video “A Home For Movie History,” Academy Originals goes behind the scenes at the Margaret Herrick Library, interviewing its film-loving employees about what makes the library so special. “These aren’t just names to us,” acquisitions archivist Howard Prouty explains. “These are people to us whose stories are all a part of the big tapestry of motion picture history. And it’s a privilege to have their stories in our care, and to be able to preserve them and share them.”

Check out the historic Margaret Herrick Library in the video above.

Banner Image Credit: Academy Originals, YouTube