Walk All Over Your Reading List With This Bookworm Rug

Shaunacy Ferro
Cassia Beck via Society6
Cassia Beck via Society6 / Cassia Beck via Society6

Sometimes wall-to-wall bookshelves filled with your favorite authors just aren’t enough to properly assert your love of literature to the world. For another dimension of book-related decor, consider The Bookworm Rug. The accent piece by UK designer and photographer Cassia Beck, featured on Boing Boing, makes it look like you have bookshelves in your floor.

The eclectic accumulation of fine literature includes the spines of classics by everyone from Tolstoy to Haruki Murakami to Ian McEwan. It’s a pretty dude-heavy stack, featuring only a few token female authors like Iris Murdoch and Virginia Woolf among the Charles Bukowskis and Hunter S. Thompsons of the world, but such are the perils of any collection of literary figures. Maybe one day Beck will come out with a new design featuring George Eliot and Toni Morrison and Margaret Atwood, but this will do for now.

Prices start at $28 for a 2-by-3-foot rug. The design is also available as a pillow, clock, beach towel, and more.

[h/t Boing Boing]

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