Go Inside Rocky Mountain National Park With Virtual Reality From NPR

Shaunacy Ferro

Sure, it’d be great to be vacationing in the wilderness, but alas, some of us are still slogging away at the over-air-conditioned desks of corporate America. Fortunately, being at your office and enjoying the sights and sounds of nature aren’t mutually exclusive.

One example: NPR created a virtual reality experience that takes you inside Rocky Mountain National Park in Colorado.

If you’ve got Google Cardboard, you can immerse yourself in images of the park’s lakes, gorges, and forests, but you can also explore the 360° photography on your desktop. Each view has accompanying audio so that you can hear exactly what each location sounds like, from the trickling of streams to the chirps of birds.

Bonus for the overheated: Most of the photography, shot in the winter, features snow and ice! Just sit back, relax, and pretend you’re camping.

Peep at the app here, and don’t forget the sound.

All images courtesy NPR

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