Elmo Can Now Help Track Your Child's Illness

Kinsa / Kinsa

Startup company Kinsa has pulled off a coup for their new branded line of “smart” thermometers: They come adorned with the face, voice, and soothing presence of Elmo.

The manufacturer has just launched the Elmo Smart Thermometer, a temperature-taking tool designed to calm anxious young children who might otherwise protest an instrument being stuck in their ear. When the device is inserted, the user can prompt Elmo to mimic a child’s symptoms: He might cough, or say, “Ahh, tired.”


The “smart” function of the Bluetooth-enabled thermometer is in the accompanying app, which allows parents to track a temperature over time, compare symptoms to common ailments, and even share symptoms with other parents who have children in commonly contagious areas like schools.

Having Elmo endorse your domestic health care doesn’t come cheap, though; the device retails for $59.99.

[h/t Fortune]