Dress Yourself in the Night Sky With This Celestial Bracelet

Caitlin Schneider
ThinkGeek / ThinkGeek

If sparkling diamonds aren’t really in your style wheelhouse (or budget), consider this flashy alternative: the cosmos.

ThinkGeek’s Celestial Fireworks Bracelet is a bangle bracelet illuminated with 15 white LED lights depicting Westerlund 2—a star cluster located in the constellation Carina, some 20,000 light years away. The image was taken by NASA's Hubble Space Telescope and, as the product description reads, “When people compliment you on your bracelet, you can say it’s 20,000 years old. And it really was handed down to you by your ancestors, considering we are all at our core nothing less than star stuff.” How’s that for antique?

While the heavens are self-powered, you’ll need to recharge this piece of bling to keep it going. The hinged bracelet comes with a proprietary USB charging cable, and, of course, an on/off button for when you’re more in the mood for a cloudy night. The jewelry retails for $59.99, and you can see it in all its twinkling glory below.

[h/t HelloGiggles]

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