Nintendo Launches Kirby Cafe in Japan

Michele Debczak
Kirby Cafe
Kirby Cafe / Kirby Cafe

Nostalgia for '90s video games is at an all-time high. This summer, Nintendo fans in Japan will be able to take a break from playing Pokémon Go to visit a restaurant based on another classic franchise, Ars Technica reports.

The Kirby Café opened the doors of its Osaka restaurant earlier this month, and was shortly followed by the launch of a Tokyo location. The menu includes a mix of sweet and savory items all inspired by the powerful, pink, round guy and his adventures in Dream Land. There's a fluffy pancake decorated with pink raspberry puree to look like Kirby’s face, and a chocolate parfait with embellishments reminiscent of Meta Knight’s sword and cloak. Diners looking to restore their health with a Maxim Tomato can get their fix in the form of a cupcake, soup, or plate of pasta.

The restaurants also sell plenty of other Kirby goodies alongside their menu items. Kirby-themed mugs, phone cases, magnets, tote bags, and neck pillows are a few of the collectibles available purchase. If you’re more interested in the swag than than the food, Nintendo will also be opening a merchandise-only store in Nagoya, Japan on August 24.

[h/t Ars Technica]

All images courtesy of Kirby Cafe.

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