Watch Carousel Makers Discuss Their Unique Craft


Art Ritchie and Dan Jones have cornered the market on wooden carousels. As the founders of Carousel Works in Mansfield, Ohio, their marvelous creations have found homes all around the world. But these days, wooden carousels are becoming increasingly rare, and Ritchie and Jones, who have been partners for three decades, are some of the last craftsmen who make a living designing them.

In “The Master Carousel Crafters,” Great Big Story interviews Ritchie and Jones about the fading art of carousel design. The two master craftsmen discuss their partnership, and what goes into carving the majestic animals and fantastical beasts we know and love. In the end, they claim that the real joy comes from seeing people enjoy the final product. Go behind the scenes with Ritchie and Jones at Carousel Works above.

Banner Image Credit: iStock

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