Introducing the Levitating Cups That Hold Your Drinks Mid-Air


Engineer and inventor Joel Paglione recently launched a Kickstarter campaign for the Levitating CUP, a liquid vessel with a metallic base that allows it to float above the table without hidden wires.

Some larger objects, like the hoverboard prototypes that glided around the internet last year, use nitrogen-cooled superconductors. But the "shatterproof" Levitating CUP employs a system of magnets and an electrical field to stay afloat. The magnets in the charged base and the cup act to stabilize the object. Take a look below:

The glass cups, available in various sizes, including cocktail, beer, and coffee, are currently available on Kickstarter for a discounted $139 (regular pre-order price is $229).

[h/t Kickstarter]

Images via Kickstarter

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