Origami Bird Perch Light Rocks Away the Darkness

Rebecca OConnell
Tom Gildon
Tom Gildon / Tom Gildon

One of designer Umut Yamac's newest creations is both crafty and illuminating. The light, which resembles an origami bird, is made from folded paper and brass and uses a touch-activated swinging motion to brighten up a space. Because its tail is weighted, the light moves like a pendulum. The "bird" is perched on a stand and rocks back and forth when touched. And whenever that bird comes in contact with the perch, the light is activated.

The light was designed in 2014 with a limited run of 20 lights. This April, Yamac returned to this design with a new, more complex light. The Perch Light Family, a series of six, was created for Moooi [PDF], and launched at the Milan-based fair Salone del Mobile in 2016.

"The design was inspired by nature and in particular, the elegance and beauty of a bird sitting on its perch," Yamac writes on his website.

Check it out below.

[h/t Colossal]

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