The Mystery Science Theater 3000 Revival Is Coming to Netflix

Jennifer M Wood
Netflix US/Twitter
Netflix US/Twitter / Netflix US/Twitter

Back in November, bad movie-loving cineastes got some exciting news when Mystery Science Theater 3000 creator Joel Hodgson announced his plans to bring the series back, beginning with a Kickstarter campaign that managed to raise nearly $6 million to shoot 14 new episodes.

Additional announcements followed, including the return of Mary Jo Pehl, Bill Corbett, and Kevin Murphy; the casting of Patton Oswalt, Felicia Day, and Jonah Ray as the new series’ host; and a recent reunion that brought together MST3K players past, present, and future.

At this weekend’s Comic-Con, several more details were revealed—including the official addition of Joel McHale and Dan Harmon to the writing team and, perhaps most importantly, the reboot's future home: Netflix. But don’t go re-upping your streaming subscription just yet; as far as when the series will return to the air, Netflix will only—appropriately—promise it’s coming “In the not-too-distant future.”