Introducing a Portable Kayak You Can Carry on Your Back

Andrew LaSane

For a lot of adventurers, a day of kayaking often involves first strapping a full-size kayak to the roof of a car and sometimes carrying it overland. Pakayak, a Connecticut-based company, has developed a hard-shell kayak that promises to eliminate that hassle. The 14-foot Pakayak can be broken down to a more manageable size so that it can be easily stored and carried along.

Made of a plastic resin, the portable Pakayak weighs 55 pounds and uses a tongue-and-groove system with silicone gaskets between its sections and clamps to form a watertight seal. When disassembled, the kayak becomes six pieces that fit inside one another to form a 3-foot-long object. Those pieces are small enough to fit inside the company's "Mac Daddy Bag" alongside a four-piece paddle. And when you've reached your destination, you can reassemble the boat and be in the water in around five minutes, according to Pakayak.

The company recently launched a Kickstarter campaign to put Pakayaks on the market, and the $427,325 goal has already been met and surpassed. But you can still reserve your own Pakayak for $1495.

[h/t Thrillist]

Banner image credit: Pakayak on Facebook

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