A Breathtaking Time-Lapse of Lava Flowing From Kilauea Volcano

Anna Green

Oregon-based time-lapse photographer Tyler Hulett traveled to Hawaii recently to capture the otherworldly beauty of the Kīlauea volcano oozing lava. Hulett is best known for his "Discover Oregon" web series, which explores the state’s vast green forests and snow-topped mountains. But his latest time-lapse, “River of Fire,” is something very different: a breathtaking (and slightly terrifying) video of glowing lava flowing toward the sea during an otherwise pitch-black night.

Hulett told Story & Heart that “River of Fire” was uniquely challenging to create. He and his friend, fellow time-lapse photographer Lance Page, camped out atop a solidified lava rock and wore heavy duty pants and boots to protect themselves from the lava. Despite the challenges the shoot presented, Hulett said that he wanted to capture a view few people have the opportunity to experience. “Being next to a lava river at one in the morning in the middle of the Pacific Ocean is a very surreal experience, and it's not an experience a lot of people get to have,” he explained. “What I really focus on is creating a story through the imagery of what it’s like to be there.” 

Banner image credit: Tyler Hulett, Vimeo