The @AskTSA Twitter Account Will Answer Pretty Much Anything

TSA via Instagram
TSA via Instagram / TSA via Instagram

The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) has made few friends of travelers over the years, thanks to its confusing airport security measures, long lines, and an unending curiosity about your shoes.

While those working at checkpoints might appear a little less than helpful, TSA’s Twitter account, @AskTSA, is just the opposite: The agency’s official account monitors tweets all 365 days of the year, providing clarification to security and carry-on rules.

No question is too obscure for the staff. A passenger wondered if he could bring the mummified head of 19th-century English Utilitarianism philosopher Jeremy Bentham. (Yes, if it’s labeled and declared.) Another wondered if he could bring a drone with him. (Yes to security, but the airline might have a different policy.) What about your pet goldfish, in a sealed container? (No problem.)

TSA’s Instagram account is also surprisingly fun-loving, posting intercepted carry-on items—an insert grenade, a Batarang—and a moving story about TSA officials working together to screen a decrepit prop corpse from one of the Texas Chainsaw Massacre movies in an Atlanta airport.

The Twitter account has answered 50,000 queries since its launch last year and can also assist passengers if they’ve lost luggage or their ID cards. As for mummified heads: Bentham’s is under climate-controlled storage in London and probably isn’t traveling anytime soon.