Find a Front Row Seat For Gazing at the Cosmos With This Dark Sky Park Map


Unless you live out on a mountaintop somewhere, there’s a good chance your view of the night sky comes with at least some light pollution. We have a few suggestions about where to stargaze, but as Lifehacker reports, the International Dark Sky Association’s map tool is also a great way to plan a killer celestial-seeking road trip.

The resource lists designated “Dark Sky” areas around the world, so you can search out (relatively) local spots, or find destinations for your next trip. Their locations are largely in the U.S., but range everywhere from northern Michigan to Yeongyang, South Korea. The Dark Sky spots represent protected areas—both publicly and privately owned—that will remain free from the interference of urban life. The locations are considered and rated based on a series of factors, with the cream of the crop earning a “Gold-tier” designation.

To get the absolute best view of the night sky, check out all the certified International Dark Sky Parks, complete with dreamy photographs. And if you think you might know of a potential Dark Sky area, see the organization’s guidelines here

[h/t Lifehacker]

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