Indulge Your Star Trek Obsession With a $10,000 Pinball Table

Altar Furniture
Altar Furniture / Altar Furniture

Star Trek

turns 50 in September, and the franchise's influence on pop culture is still as strong as ever. If you’re in search of the ultimate piece of Trekkie furniture to tie your living room together, look no further: This Star Trek pinball machine coffee table is now on sale for $10,000, Nerdist reports.

According to the description, the Shuttle Interactive Coffee Table features an authentic Star Trek pinball layout from 1991 with updated LED lights, electronic controls, and “four real meteorites” built into the back. It took 390 hours to transform the original pinball machine into this one-of-a-kind statement piece, and the only one ever constructed is still on sale at Altar Furniture. If you have around $10,100 (plus shipping) to spend on a coffee table perfect for the world’s geekiest home, place your order now before it boldly goes out of stock.

[h/t Nerdist]

All images courtesy of Altar Furniture.

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