Infographic: The Best High-Paying Job in Every State

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Not all jobs are created equal—especially when it comes to salary—but which professions are the best and the most lucrative? Using data from U.S. News and World Report's 2016 Best Jobs list, Business Insider created a color-coded infographic that shows which occupation is the "best high-paying job" in every state.

Their findings: There are ten jobs included in the chart, all of which are in the healthcare field, and all of which earn on average between $166,000 and $246,000 each year.

The 2016 Best Jobs ranking is based on seven criteria: median salary, employment rate, 10-year growth volume (or the predicted "number of new jobs that should be created for an occupation in a 10-year span"), job prospects, stress level, 10-year growth percentage (or how quickly the occupation is expected to expand over the next 10 years), and work-life balance. Each category is given a score from 1 to 10, and the scores are then combined into a weighted average score. Median salary represents the largest chunk at 30 percent, which explains the overlap between the "best" and "highest paying" lists.

The infographic shows that physicians have the best high-paying job in Minnesota, family and general practitioners have it made in Hawaii, and the rest of the country's top earners shift between anesthesiology, gynecology, and surgical care. How does your state compare?

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